102×42 cm

wood and fabric


I believe that uncontrollable lust for power always leads to the lust for blood, especially if one person or group of people receive carte blanche. Fulfilment of someone’s inflated ego and pretence to dominate inflict the war, deaths, chaos and arbitrariness. Psychoanalyst Sabina Spielrein invented notion of death drive – an instinct from which aggression can be derived. I regard this insane desire to exterminate Ukrainian people as proper way to destroy Russia itself, Putin and his establishment. Another thing is that death drive is now being sold by the propaganda to Russians as a heroic behaviour – death for the sake of oppressing the neighbouring country becomes a virtue. Despite the fact that I do not want to relieve women of the responsibility, but wars mostly belong to men with an aptitude for great achievements, grasp and conquests. This work crudely demonstrates that the gargantuan appetite for the expansion inevitably leads into a coffin.

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