video documentation of the performance, produced during BJÖRKÖ KONSTNOD residence stay

‘On the 1th May in Sweden I’ve made a performance “Reddening”. I used the local birches, their sap and stems to demonstrate the contamination of my national identity after 24th February. I rubbed the trees and my own body with a disgusting substance, which I later tried to wash off with the sap of the same birch as an essence of Russian culture and nature. But, during the process of reddening the birch, the sap has also turned red and lost its cleaning power.’

‘My country wages war in another country, it’s crushes me. Part of my family does not mind what’s happening. I’m in safety, but isolated, I feel powerless to affect anything. My performance which was made out of Russia doesn’t demonstrate any bravery and it’s not a protest action. For me it is mostly a mourning.’